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This is a series of posts all about YOU! The point of this is to bring some attention to the great photographers out there, and perhaps give your work some more exposure.

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Arivving at King, King Station - Ash Furrow
Arriving at King. King Station
by Ash Furrow

Barn in the Forest - Mike Sansano
Barn in the Forest
by Mike Sansano

Barometer and clock - Kevin Taillieu
Barometer and clock
by Kevin Taillieu

Canada Day Fireworks - Tim Lingley
Canada Day Fireworks
by Tim Lingley

Catz - Wendy Teal
by Wendy Teal

Darkness - Tim Piche
by Tim Piche

Forgotten in a Field - Nicky Pearson
Forgotten in a Field
by Nicky Pearson

Francisco - Todd Bennett
by Todd Bennett

Freedom Stance - Joshua Kobayashi
Freedom Stance
by Joshua Kobayashi

Harley Davidson - Tim Piche
Harley Davidson
by Tim Piche

He's Done - Robert Guimont
He’s done
by Robert Guimont

Light and Shadow - Bryan McGowan
Light and Shadow
by Bryan McGowan

Mirta - Todd Bennett
by Todd Bennett

Open Book - Mark Shannon
Open Book
by Mark Shannon

Orange Sunset - Mike Sansano
Orange sunset
by Mike Sansano

Out for a late vening stroll - Michael Fraser
Out for a late evening stroll
by Michael Fraser

Painting with Light - Ted Harris
Painting with Light
by Ted Harris

Purple-Striped Jellyfish - Melanie Geroche.jpg Sunset in Bodrum - Melanie Geroche.jpg
Purple-Striped Jellyfish
by Melanie Geroche

Roiller Skating Silhouette - Tim Piche
Roller Skating Silhouette
by Tim Piche

Purple-Striped Jellyfish - Melanie Geroche.jpg Sunset in Bodrum - Melanie Geroche.jpg
Sunset in Bodrum
by Melanie Geroche

The Cat - Mark Shannon
The Cat
by Mark Shannon

Watching TV - Wendy Teal
Watching TV
by Wendy Teal

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Mark Shannon

Mark Shannon