Shot On Nikon Z30

In June, Nikon released the Nikon Z 30 touting crisp 4K video, a front-facing screen and fast, reliable autofocus. It’s an entry-level mirrorless camera that is catching the eyes of creators, especially travel vloggers, streamers and mobile creators.

Our team spent some time with the Nikon Z 30 over the summer to dig in and see who it’s really made for. Is the Z 30 truly creator-ready?

The top three Nikon Z 30 features creators will love most


1. Size and Grip

The first thing you’re going to appreciate about the Z 30 is its size and grip, especially if you’re graduating from a mobile device. The 350-gram body is very portable: it’s compact and lightweight, but also features a deep grip that’s easy to hold onto and carry for long periods of time. You don’t have to worry about dropping the Z 30 or straining your hands with extended shooting. It’s much more comfortable than holding a mobile device for a really long period of time. The Z 30’s compact size and comfort, combined with the variable angle LCD display and the available Nikon accessory kit, makes it easy for you to capture what you love. 

“If you enjoy the experience of capturing, you’re going to capture more.” Gajan Balan, Henry’s Camera.


2. Z Mount

The second thing that you will love as a creator is the Z mount system. The Nikon Z 30 mount has a 55mm inner diameter making it one of the widest mounts on a mirrorless camera with a very short 16mm flange focal distance. This means you have plenty of lens options. You can use lenses that are natively made for the Z mount but you can also use other lenses with this camera using an adapter. Whether it’s a compact lens, an older F mount lens, or a more niche or vintage lens for a really unique look, you can use it with this camera. The Z mount system enables a wide range of lens options that a lot of creators will appreciate—especially those that are starting out and looking to test and discover new lenses to create their own signature style.

Feature Mix

3. Feature Mix

Finally, the Nikon Z 30 includes some really key features for creators who are looking to graduate from their smartphone and grow creatively, including:

  • Eye-Detect AF Mode that locks on to the eyes of people, dogs and cats and follows them
  • Crisp, clear full HD 60p and 4K 30p video quality 
  • All-day shooting when you’re near a power source using a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable
  • High quality live streaming up to 60p that’s incredibly easy to set up

But let’s not forget the really good photo quality with the APSC sensor. All of this means you can use the Nikon Z 30 in a number of different ways: you can use it as a webcam at home; use it to take family portraits; take it overseas for your next vlog; or set it up to capture your next Twitch stream. It is a versatile, affordable camera that’s easy to use. 

Those are the top three features of the Nikon Z 30 camera that creators will love most, especially those who are looking for an easy transition from a smartphone to mirrorless.

Shot On Nikon Z30

Learn more about the Nikon Z 30

If you have questions about this camera’s tech specs or want to learn more, go to where you can use the live chat to speak to an expert to find out if this is the right camera for you. 

Order your Nikon Z 30 or Z 30 with 16-50mm lens at Henry’s today!

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