Product Photography

Female photographer taking photos of make-up prouducts

  Since the lockdown began over a year ago, we’ve all had to make changes to our work and everyday life. As we know, small businesses have been hit hardest by the pandemic, and working from home has presented a unique set of challenges. Product photography is one of them.  While shifting to an online market, it has also become increasingly more important to have quality photographs that better represent your brand and the products you offer. If this sounds like something you have experienced in the past year and […]

At some point all of us need to do some product work. This could be for a client, or just for yourself of something that you make, or want to sell. Your smartphone image may be ok, but it’s not going to capture attention on eBay or Kijiji. You may also want to work on this as part of growing your own expertise level. It’s not exactly tough, but it is an exacting process. Simple Matters Amazon has set the stage for product shots and even tried to patent their […]

Product Photography: Part 2

Product photography concepts are consistent regardless of the product, so what you learn here can be applied to any item.

In Part 1 of this tutorial, we left off with the shoot workflow and a promise to dig further into the gear used to make product photography work for you.

Product Photography Part 1

Product photography concepts are consistent, regardless of the product. In product photography, lighting is everything. The light defines the image.
Control your light by defining it yourself. You want shadows and textures and direction to create dimensionality.