Taking flight with the adventure-travel photographer and filmmaker Photography by BENJAMIN JORDAN (@BENJAMINJORDANADVENTURE) Benjamin Jordan doesn’t have a camera bag anymore.  He carries a compact camera in a small case that clips onto almost anything, and he totes a GoPro in a Ziploc bag. It’s a surprisingly lean kit for a professional photographer – but then, most pros aren’t shooting from a paraglider hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of feet in the air. Jordan is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker. He got into film photography as a teen, and he bought […]

Soteeoh – real name Adeyemi Adegbesan – captures vibrant, restless, dramatic images of his city. This esthetic has earned him a following on Instagram (@soteeoh has more than 60,000 followers), and major brands like Adidas, Lululemon and Chevrolet tap him to shoot their ad campaigns. For Soteeoh, Instagram is more than a social platform – it’s the reason he committed to photography as a career. “I’d dabbled in it before, but in 2012 I started shooting consistently, because of the ease and convenience of [the platform],” says the selftaught photographer. […]