We Are All Creators

Every year, World Photography Day celebrates the art, craft, science, and history of photography. The day also encourages photographers from around the globe to share a single photo that encapsulates their world and helps them communicate their feelings and express themselves through the art of photography.

In honour of the day, we want to show appreciation to the people that help make Henry’s Canada’s greatest camera store – our Henry’s family of photographers – by celebrating their talent and expertise, showcasing their work, and sharing their passion.

Read on to find out more about our associates from coast to coast. Look for us or come talk to us in-store! #WeAreAllCreators

Jairaj Singh

Name: Jairaj Singh

Handle: _jairaj.singh_

Bio: Hi! My name is Jairaj and I have been working with Henry’s for past year. My love for photography began about a decade ago when I held a camera for the first time and I know what I want to do in my life. My dream is to travel around the globe with my camera!

Henry’s Store Location: Winnipeg

Favourite Photography Genre: I love street photography as I love to see roam around the city and travel.

Mountain Views

Image Name: Mountain Views

Genre of Image: Travel

Camera: Canon T5           

Lens: Canon EF-S 55-250mm       

Settings: N/A

Christian Bender

Name: Christian Bender

Handle: Christian.bender_

Bio: Hi, my name is Christian. I am a Toronto-based freelance photographer, specializing in sports, events, and commercial projects.

I have been covering professional and university sports since 2015, and some of my clients include RedBull, The Hockey Hall of Fame, The Jays Care Foundation, Canadian Olympic Committee, The CFL, The National Lacrosse League, The Lang School of Business, Sail Canada, The CWHL, Toronto Police Services, Bud Light, The Dudley-Hewitt Cup, The World Ringette Championship, Golf Canada, Equestrian Ontario, Ontario Golf Academy, Guelph Nighthawks, and the TARA Awards. My photos have been featured on NHL.com, The National Post, CFL.ca, TSN.ca, and more.

Henry’s Store Location: Kitchener

Favourite Photography Genre: Sports

Draft Day 2023

Image Name: Draft Day. Siriman Harrison-Bagayogo poses for a portrait during the 2023 CFL Combine media day.

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Sony A1 Sony FE 50 1.2 GM 1.2 1/200 ISO 400

Lens: Sony FE 50 1.2 GM

Settings: 1.2 1/200 ISO 400

Charles BeerlingName: Charles Beerling

Handle: charlesanthonyphoto (Instagram)

Bio: Charles is a photographer and video editor, originally from the UK. He enjoys shooting portraits and events. His video work focuses on building a strong narrative and telling a captivating story.

Henry’s Store Location: Vancouver

Favourite Photography Genre: Portraiture. I enjoy creating a sense of nostalgia and attempting to show a true sense of each person’s uniqueness in every shoot.

Lindemann Lake

Image Name Lindemann Lake – We drove a couple hours outside of Vancouver to hike up to this beautiful lake. Shortly before this, we saw a curious otter swimming around and people watching everyone on the shoreline. (Alongside others, this shot was featured on the Fujifilm CA instagram!)

Genre of Image: Travel 

Camera: Fujifilm X100V  

Lens: 23mm Lens 

Settings: 1/250 F/2.8

Ken ChengName: Ken Cheng

Handle: @shuttermonkey318 or @kenchengphotography

Bio: Capturing the untamed beauty of wildlife and the raw emotion in portraits since 2010.  Roaming the streets with my camera, freezing moments that tell stories.

Henry’s Store Location: Vancouver

Favourite Photography Genre: Wildlife Photography, because I love being in nature and capturing it with my camera

First Place Stakeout B&W

Image Name: Stakeout, 1960s Private Detective themed Photoshoot

Genre of Image: Black & White

Camera: Fujifilm X100V

Lens: Fuji 23mm F2

Settings: F2.8, ISO200, 1/500 (Godox AD200 used for lighting)

Aly YimName: Aly Yim

Handle: alymaephoto 

Bio: I have a passion for photographing live music, portraits and lifestyle. Since 2018, I’ve been actively shooting and continuously refining my craft. With a keen eye for detail and my ability to connect with my subjects, I am able to bring the photos to life and make the viewers feel as if they were there.

Henry’s Store Location: Vancouver

Favourite Photography Genre: I absolutely love photographing live music as being in that atmosphere makes it enjoyable for me and seeing others have fun makes it fun for me too.

The Ultimate Romantic Escape

Image Name: The ultimate romantic escape into nature

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG HSM

Settings: Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG HSM

Micartney HilcheyName: Micartney Hilchey

Bio: Hi my name is Micartney (yes like the singers) I grew up in the Niagara region and have always had a passion for taking photos and videos, I furthered my knowledge going to Niagara college and completing the broadcasting program. I’ve been with Henry’s for just over 2 years learning and gaining new skills to put towards my passion for photography and ever building on my craft.

Henry’s Store Location: St. Catharines

Favourite Photography Genre: Portrait because I think it’s all about expressing creativity portraits offer endless creative possibilities. You can play with different lighting techniques compositing the one and editing styles to bring out the best in your subjects and showcase your vision

Blue Macaw

Image Name: Blue macaw. This picture celebrates the unparalleled beauty of the blue macaw but also serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving these captivating bird and their natural habitats

Genre of Image: Wildlife

Camera: Sony a7iv

Lens: Sigma 100-400

Settings: ISO 3200 292mm f6.3 1/250

Damien OuelletteName: Damien Ouellette

Handle: damienophoto

Bio: To me, photography is a tool I use to express creative ideas. It is a way to share my perspective with the world. It’s a way to share a little about myself with everyone who sees my photograph.

Henry’s Store Location: Woodbridge

Favourite Photography Genre: Abstract. I find Abstract photographs to be my favourite because they don’t just have one meaning. The artist tells a story but depending on how the viewer sees the photography, the story will be completely different

Cabin 07

Image Name: Cabin 07 – A moment of relaxation, away from the big city. A moment to take a deep breath and just be where you are.

Genre of Image: Travel

Camera: Nikon D610

Lens: Nikon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5

Settings: Manual

Charlie MarshName: Charlie Marsh

Handle: @chazzum01

Bio: British-born, Ottawa-based enthusiastic hobbyist in photography, specialising in wildlife, motoring, and aviation.

Henry’s Store Location: Ottawa

Favourite Photography Genre: Split between aviation and wildlife, both due to the fast-paced nature of the photography process.

Hidden Owl

Image Name: Hidden Owl.

Genre of Image: Wildlife 

Camera: Nikon Z6ii

Lens: Sigma 150-600mm C Nikon Fit

Settings: F8 600mm ISO1100 -0.7ev 1/400s

Doris PavelichName: Doris Pavelich

Handle: N/A

Bio: I have traveled and shown on several Canadian and International art circuits.  Primarily a painter of wildlife and landscape my work can be found in many private, corporate and government collections.  I rely heavily on my photography for reference and now work out of Wildwood Studios in Ottawa, Ontario and for Henrys Ottawa.

Henry’s Store Location: Ottawa

Favourite Photography Genre: Landscape/Travel – variety of subjects and interpretations.

Andean Piper - Cusco, Peru

Image Name: Andean Piper – Cusco, Peru

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Nikon D750

Lens: Nikon 24-120 F4

Settings: F4  1/80 sec.

Bryan WeissName: Bryan Weiss

Handle: @weissshotme

Bio: I’ve been shooting pro wrestling since 2007 but it wasn’t until this year that I stepped up to shooting professionally.  Since then my confidence and my creativity have skyrocketed.

Henry’s Store Location:  Newmarket

Favourite Photography Genre: Id have to say light painting.  It’s the purest form of ‘photo graphy… Drawing with light’

The 'Wild Child' Jody Threat

Image Name: The ‘Wild Child’ Jody Threat.

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Nikon z9

Lens: 24-70 2.8

Settings: 8000 iso,  1/1000, f2.8, 43mm.

Zach BuryName: Zach Alexander Bury

Handle: zach_bury

Bio: “Hi there, I have been interested in using cameras for about 5 years now. Shooting photos and making videos has been proven to be a valuable pass time and great extension of my creative expression.

Travel videos, events, portraits, landscape and street photography are some of my favorite styles to pursue within the medium. Since working at Henrys I have been grateful to expand upon my knowledge and get a chance to further my interests. I am currently working on a film photography project to showcase the tourism of niagara falls that I plan to make into a book.”

Henry’s Store Location: St Catharines

Favourite Photography Genre: Lately it has been street photography. I have chosen this because of the raw emotion that can be captured is often unmatched compared to a pre-determined portrait session


Image Name: Diamonds- A picture that was taken of at an engagement shoot taken on clifton hill. Featuring a close up of the ring and bokeh from the lights in the background

Genre of Image: Black & White

Camera: Canon eos m50

Lens: 50mm 1.8

Setting: F3.2  1/250 s  iso 640

Jon KilimnikName: Jonathan Kilimnik

Handle: jon_k_wpg

Bio: I’ve been with Henry’s since 2008 and started in the Winnipeg Kenaston location. I’m now with the Customer Service team and working remotely. I’m a dad with 3 daughters and have been taking photos since I was 10 yrs. old

Henry’s Store Location: St Catharines

Favourite Photography Genre: Probably architecture as I like working with the angles and the tones, forms, shadows, etc. are generally great for colour or B&W

Deer On A Foggy Morning

Image Name: Deer on a foggy morning

Genre of Image: Wildlife

Camera: Fujifilm XT-1

Lens: Fujifilm XF 18-55 2.8-4.0 at 55mm

Settings: ISO 800 and 1/180th @ f5.0

Zane AndresName: Zane Andres

Handle: zane.andres

Bio: I first picked up a camera on Christmas Day 1996 and have never looked back. A graduate of Creative Photography at Mohawk College, I take a very bohemian approach to photography. I love experimenting with gear, I love collecting film cameras and combining the vintage optics and look of film with modern editing techniques and digital photography to create something wholly my own. The greatest power I feel photography has is to trigger emotions when viewed and I aspire to make my photos invoke feelings when viewed.

Henry’s Store Location: Lime Ridge

Favourite Photography Genre: My favourite type of photography isn’t a genre, but a medium – film. I take pictures of everything and anything and enjoy it all equally.


Image Name: Merewif

Genre of Image: Black & White

Camera: Fuji XT2

Lens: Pentax 50 F1.2

Settings: N/A

Aurora RobinsonName: Aurora Robinson

Handle: aurorarphoto

Bio: Henry’s Employee for over 10 years, GTA based professional photographer and co-host of expressions the podcast.

Henry’s Store Location: Newmarket

Favourite Photography Genre: I really enjoy taking creative portrait photographs. Working with a person and portraying them in a unique way and even boost the subjects confidence. From planning the location, costume choices, makeup, hair, lighting, posing and how all these work together to create an interesting image.

Neon Empress

Image Name: Neon Empress

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Nikon Z7

Lens: Nikon Z 24-70 F4

Settings: 1/125 F4 800

Kevin ShahName: Kevin Shah

Handle: kevinssphotos

Bio: Hey! I’m Kevin, a 19-year-old photography enthusiast who lives for travelling and capturing life’s moments through my lens. Join me on this thrilling visual journey as I explore the world, one breathtaking shot at a time! 

Henry’s Store Location: St Catharines

Favourite Photography Genre: Wildlife photography: Connecting with nature, inspiring conservation, and capturing rare encounters that tell captivating stories through stunning, raw beauty. A genre that fosters personal growth and a profound appreciation for our precious natural world

Gaze of the Mara Monarch

Image Name: Gaze of the Mara Monarch: In “Gaze of the Mara Monarch,” the lion’s expression is one of serene intensity. Its amber eyes, gleaming with wisdom and experience, hold a captivating allure, drawing viewers into a timeless connection with the wild. The soft breeze ruffles its magnificent mane, creating an aura of quiet authority.

Genre of Image: Wildlife

Camera: Canon 2000D

Lens: Sigma 150-600

Settings: N/A

Andrew KlapatiukName: Andrew Klapatiuk

Handle: @waphoto_niagara

Bio: “I have done my share of editorial assignments for local magazines and national newspapers. My photographs were represented by Tony Stone, Getty Images, and currently Adobe Stock.

I’ve operated photography studios in Vancouver and Niagara and enjoyed teaching students as a Professor of Photojournalism at Niagara College. I became an Adobe Certified Instructor and travelled across Canada, training creative professionals in design firms, educational institutions, corporate offices and government departments. Of course, my love for photography and videography never faded.

Today I continue as a photographer, Adobe Certified Instructor, photography educator, and videographer based in the Niagara region of southern Ontario, Canada.”

Henry’s Store Location: St Catharines

Favourite Photography Genre: I love all types of photography. I’m a generalist

Portrait Of HLK

Image Name: Portrait

Genre of Image: Portrait of HLK

Camera: Nikon Z6II

Lens: Nikkor Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S

Settings: 1/500th @ f2.8

Donato RinaldiName: Donato Rinaldi

Handle: Donatorinaldiphoto

Bio: My Name is Donato Rinaldi and I’m a portrait and headshot photographer based in Toronto.

Henry’s Store Location: Oakville

Favourite Photography Genre: Headshot photography because I love being able to tell people’s stories with the expression on their face.

Sunrise at Moraine Lake Alberta, Canada

Image Name: Sunrise at Moraine Lake Alberta, Canada

Genre of Image: Travel

Camera: Canon 5D Mark iii

Lens: Canon 16-35 F4

Settings: 1/160 f8 iso 100

Christopher MartinoName: Christopher Martino

Handle: chris.m.clown

Bio: Photographer working at Henry’s in Lime Ridge Mall.

Henry’s Store Location: Lime Ridge

Favourite Photography Genre: I like Candid Reality that can be framed or manipulated into something a little more special. An action shot or a slice of life that tells a different story to different viewers. A mood of weird fiction.

Sitting In The Corner

Image Name: Sitting In the Corner

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Canon A-1

Lens: 50mm

Settings: N/A

Aradhana MullolipuramName: Aradhana Mullolipuram

Handle: ara_pixeltribe

Bio: “I am a true gearhead, deeply passionate about photography and connecting with people. I find immense joy in helping them bring their creative dreams to life or elevate their entire artistic career to new heights.

Creating artwork that can be proudly displayed on walls brings me a profound sense of pride and accomplishment. From intimate portraits to bustling streets and mesmerizing landscapes, I relish exploring diverse subjects, continuously expanding my artistic horizons.

Sharing my passion and inspiring others is deeply fulfilling. This artistic journey is a constant source of joy, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact through my love for photography.

Henry’s Store Location: Vancouver

Favourite Photography Genre: My passion is capturing emotions and creating meaningful portraits. Additionally, I’m drawn to scenes that are aesthetically pleasing or possess unique textures, even if they may not have an obvious meaning. However, through my lens, I interpret and infuse them with positive significance, adding life and depth to every shot.

The Ship Of Life

Image Name: The Ship Of Life – Choice is ours, either we focus on bright or dark!

Genre of Image: Travel

Camera: Sony A1

Lens: Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II

Settings: ISO – 100 ; F/8 ; SS-125

Daniel OpasinisName: Daniel Opasinis

Handle: @Danny_took_these

Bio: Hey! I’m Daniel and I’m a 19 year old photographer from the Oshawa store. I shoot on a Sony A7III and love working with portraits and running around doing street photography.

Henry’s Store Location: Oshawa

Favourite Photography Genre: Street! I love catching people in there natural state and documenting the way things are today. There’s something so natural about taking a step back and observing the hustle and bustle.


Image Name: Labels, took this photo at a photography night during pride week! the event was held by the queer collective Toronto and was all about letting your inner child be their true self. I’m so glad I approached these two on a whim and asked for a shot!

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Sony A7III

Lens: Sony 50mm 1.8

Settings: F/1.8 Iso1500 SS1/100

Nigel BellName: Nigel Bell

Handle: alluvial_plains

Bio: I have been in the photography hobby since 2007 or so, I always wanted to work in a camera store, and now I do!

Henry’s Store Location: Winnipeg Kenaston

Favourite Photography Genre: Street photography: gets me out of my comfort zone while approaching total strangers, you never know what you’re gonna get!

Robins Nest

Image Name: “Robin’s Nest” – This nest was in my backyard for a while, eventually the babies got big enough to photograph. Focusing through the tree branches was somewhat difficult but I managed to get a few decent ones.

Genre of Image: Wildlife

Camera: Sony A7 IV

Lens: Sony 200 – 600 mm F5.6 6.3 G OSS

Settings: 600mm, 1/80 sec., f8.0

Casey HaughlandName: Casey Haughland

Handle: @haughlandmedia

Bio: N/A

Henry’s Store Location: Lime Ridge 

Favourite Photography Genre: Portraits – capturing memories to leave behind

Newfoundland Puffins

Image Name: Newfoundland Puffins

Genre of Image: Wildlife

Camera: Canon 6D mkii

Lens: Sigma 70-200 2.8

Settings: ISO 640, 200mm, F5.6, 1/640

Sarah HurstName: Sarah Hurst

Handle: @dreamingismyart (Street Photography Instagram) | @lunafilmstudios (Wedding/Event Instagram)

Bio: With a background in cinema, I enjoy both photography and filmmaking + shoot both digital and film. When I’m not working at Henry’s, covering a wedding/event, or dreaming up ideas for my next short film, you can find me experimenting in the kitchen, reading the latest fantasy novel, or out for a casual walk with one of my cameras 🙂

Henry’s Store Location: Windsor 

Favourite Photography Genre: My favourite genre is street photography – you just never know what you’re going to find out there!

Analogue Film Girl

Image Name: Analogue Film Girl | Kati Panasiuk, Ted Kloske (both of Henry’s Windsor) had a fun collaborative shoot centered around film/analogue photography.

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Panasonic Lumix S1R

Lens: Panasonic Lumix S 50mm 1.8 (+ Moment Cinebloom 20% diffusion filter)

Settings: ISO 200 | f/8.0 | 1/125 sec

Faisal KhanName: Faisal Khan

Handle: Shumit_khan

Bio: Having completed my graduation in Bangladesh, I further refined my skills by pursuing a 2-year Mastercraftsman Diploma in Professional Photography and Digital Imaging at Shari Academy, Mumbai, India. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, I am dedicated to the art of photography in Bangladesh. My work is characterized by a unique and emotive style and stems from my deep understanding of light and composition. Recently, I migrated to Winnipeg, Canada, where I work as a Sales Associate at Henry’s, delivering top-notch service to customers while pursuing my passion for photography in my leisure time.

Henry’s Store Location: Winnipeg ,Manitoba

Favourite Photography Genre: Portrait Photography, Because I enjoy capturing the essence and emotions of people. Also, I can connect with my subjects and showcase their personalities through my lens.

Moment in Mumbai

Image Name: The photograph captures a captivating moment in Mumbai, where a skilled man is engrossed in the art of pottery. With focused determination, he shapes the clay with expert hands, creating a beautiful pottery piece. The warm and vibrant colors of the pottery studio add a touch of authenticity to the scene. The image exudes a sense of craftsmanship and cultural richness, celebrating the traditional art form and the artist’s passion for his craft.

Genre of Image: Portrait

Camera: Nikon D200

Lens: 18-70 mm f/3.5-4.5

Settings: 1/25 sec,  f/4.0 ,  ISO 100 , Manual ,  Matrix metering

Ted KloskeName: Ted Kloske

Handle: Tedapixel

Bio: Ted Kloske, store manager, photographer & photography teacher. I’ve been a photography enthusiast since the age of 11 and have never looked back. I work with Nikon & Fuji.

Henry’s Store Location: Windsor 

Favourite Photography Genre: Street photography for the story telling.

The Parisian Experience

Image Name: This is an image featuring 4 women. One, can’t believe she is in Paris, three don’t appear to care.

Genre of Image: Travel

Camera: Olympus OMD-EM1

Lens: 17mm 1.8

Settings: 1/2500, f1.8 250 iso

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