What started as a photographic journey encouraging viewers to consider the diversity and fragility of the natural world has evolved into an inspiring, cross-country Canadian adventure, celebrating the natural beauty of our country during Canada’s 150th year.

Nikon D750 1/800 at f/5.6 on a 200-500mm lens

The Take Your Seat initiative began when photographer Randy VanDerStarren realized the need to take ownership of his own life’s direction. He left behind a prominent role as the president of a wealth management organization and set out with his photo gear, eventually travelling across several countries and capturing over 8,000 photographs. Using a film director’s chair, a symbol of being in control of one’s own destiny, Randy’s inspirational photography encourages us as viewers to reconnect with the more intricate and delicate aspects of our world – and ourselves.

On April 12th, 2017, VanDerStarren launched Take Your Seat Canada, a 39 day quest to capture one iconic image from each of Canada’s provinces and territories.

Hopewell Rocks (New Brunswick) Nikon D750 1/60 at f/4.5 on a 24-120mm lens

Quebec Nikon D750 1/30 at f/8.0 on an 18-35mm lens

Henry’s, in partnership with Nikon Canada, is proud to support Take Your Seat Canada.

“I can’t think of a better way to highlight the beauty and the diversity of our land than by capturing it through photographs that can be shared across the country and around the world for everyone to view, as if they are sitting there themselves. Photography can inspire conversations about our country, from the environment to our people and to our culture.

We are thrilled that Henry’s can be part of this initiative that celebrates our wonderful country with the power of photography.”

-Gillian Stein, CEO, Henry’s

Follow along @henryscamera and @takeyourseatinsta for behind the scenes coverage of Randy’s journey across Canada.

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