In the stands at Photokina 2016

Members of the Henry’s team attended Photokina, the world’s largest photo and video tradeshow. Read on to hear their impressions as they walk the floor – some for the first time, some as seasoned attendees.

To celebrate the release of their photo issue, Henry’s partnered with VICE Canada to host their annual photo show at Only One Gallery in Toronto, featuring work from some of the most influential photographers in the field.

Smartphones have replaced compact cameras for many people, but until now we’ve had to sacrifice image quality and handling to get a camera that can seamlessly connect to the web over a cellular data signal. Enter Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy Camera, a device that promises to blend the best elements of a smartphone or tablet with the lens, sensor and precision of an advanced “travel zoom” style camera. We put it to the test for a couple weeks in real world situations, and discovered that it mostly lives up to the hype.